How long will my child be in the hospital?

Dental Surgery is an outpatient procedure so you will only be in the hospital for the day of the procedure.​


Will my child need a follow up appointment after surgery?

The next visit to the dentist will be for their routine recall. If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing pain please call our office and speak with an assistant.


Who will schedule my child's appointment?

Our surgery coordinator, Constance, will schedule the appointment and is available for any questions you might have. A few days before your appointment a staff member from Children's Hospital will call to tell you what time to arrive (approximately 3 hours before the surgery). They will also give you detailed instructions on food intake before the surgery.

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Surgery Line:   865-360-1119

Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions about dental treatment at ETCH. You will also find some helpful links for the hospital and our post-operative information sheet. If you have any questions contact us at 865-360-1119. 

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